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Shelly De Luca- Caravella                SAG-AFTRA
917 832 2352
Height 5'1" , Weight 120, Eyes Brown, Hair Brown
Mezzo - Soprano With Belt 
**Have a Valid Passport 

Theater,Off Broadway,Off Off Broadway,Regional,Tour
SHOW                                 ROLE                     COMPANY/DIRECTOR
Adam Gift's                           Stage Directions     American Theater Group
OY!                                      Kravitsky               Times Square Art Center
The Curse of Summit Hill        Cathy                    George Bistransin
Imperfect In Happiness           Linda                    Abingdon Theater 
Bard At The Bar
(Othello)       Desdemona           The Players Club 
Godfather's Messughner         Bride                    New York Dinner Theater
 Joey and Maria's Italian          Maria                    New York Dinner Theater
Bathsheba The Musical          Queen Elgha           Times Square Art Center
Spoon River Anthology          Various Characters Director Adam Roebuck 
Aesop Fables                        Ant                       The Players Club 
The Bell Of Amherst              Emily Dickinson       Falcon Rep Theater Co
The Scarlet Pimpernel            Marie                     Florham Park Players 
Dark                                    Young Lady           The Players Club 
The Wizard Of Oz                  Ensemble              Florham Park Players 
Berlin To Broadway                Lead Mezzo Singer The Ritz Theater 
Mame                                   Gypsy                   The Ritz Theater
Jakes Women                        Edith                    Director, Ron Zambor
Love Of The Nightingale          Philomele              Director , Liz Hostetter
West Side Story                    Maria                    Director, Marian Steiber 
Teahouse Of The August        Lotus Blossom      Director, Anne Curto 
Moon                              (Performed In Japanese)

Keep the Party Going       Nina                Director, Hakim Wray
Actors Are More Fun         Margret            Makar Productions 
Four Seasons'                 Mimi                Director, Todd Connor
Windows                        Amy                R. Wilson Productions
Familiar Stranger             Stacy              Eye In the Sky Prod.


Commercial Print   Scott Powers            Scott Powers Studios 
Primetime Class  Thompson Milam         Scott Powers Studios 
Commercials       Amy Gossels              Amy Gossels Workshop
On Camera         Roger Hendricks Simon The Simon Studio 
Theater              Roger Hendricks Simon The Simon Studio 
Voice Over          George Flowers           The Simon Studio 
Audition Technique Rob Decina               TVI NYC 

BA Theater Performance Rowan University 

Special Skills 
Singing, Teach Acting To Kids, Commercial Actress (No Conflicts), Instantly Available, Cheerleading (expert level), Softball, Swimming, Horseback Riding, Ice Skating, Rollerblading, Co - Wrote Original Songs, Wrote An Original Feature Length Thriller Script, Read Tarot Cards, Read Palms, Directing Exp, Bartending, Dialects ( British, Cockney, French, Brooklyn, Southern) Dance Training ( Jazz), Some Self Defense Training, Some Acrobatic Training, Help Amy Gossels With Castings , Reader For Casting, Scott Powers Forum Staff

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